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Welcome to Vito – a manufacturer of high quality: instant canopies, commercial umbrellas, pneumatic ads, DOME-type canopies, garden umbrellas, tube frame canopies and advertising accesories. We have been present on the market since 1995 and since then we have gained recognition among domestic and foreign customers. We conduct retail and wholesale sales. We focus on the development and use of innovative technologies.

We produce

Instant canopies

Instant canopies

Instant canopies are the perfect solution for people, companies and institutions who want mobility, easy installation, aesthetics and durability for everyday use.
Advertising tents

Advertising tents

Advertising tents have been very popular among our customers for many years. They are an excellent form of advertising and promotion.
Commercial tubular tents

Commercial tubular tents

Commercial tubular tents is a proposal addressed mainly to customers who sell their products at market places, shopping arcades, pedestrian zones, etc.
Dome tents

Dome tents

The large size DOME tent offers the possibility of using a large area, aesthetic, durable and easy to install construction. The tent can be used all year round.
Commercial umbrellas

Commercial umbrellas

The standard steel umbrellas are mainly targeted at customers with multiple forms of sales. The umbrella has a protective function against the elements. It can also prove be an excellent, printable, advertising medium.
Pneumatic advertising

Pneumatic advertising

Pneumatic advertising means easy to use, aesthetic and highly visible media for advertisements and information. Balloons, gates, screens or product replicas are an excellent form of advertising, which thanks to its size allow you to reach a large group of recipients.

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Examination/protective screen

Examination/protective screen New in the offer – examination screen for uniformed services. Lightweight construction made of fibreglass rods. Quick assembly without loose parts. Finishes and inscriptions made of reflective materials.

Shelves with countertops

To meet the expectations of our customers, Vito has developed another model of the tent with an additional roof and countertops.

An awning with a stanchion

An awning with a stanchion for the express tent Awning with a frame increases the usable area and protects against rain and sunlight. Available in three lengths – 50, 70 and 90 cm. Awning is characterized by a stable construction and aesthetic appearance.
Vito – manufacturer of tents and umbrellas

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